Creamy Pesto Linguini (serves 2)


Creamy Pesto Linguini (serves 2)


Prep & Cook Time: 20 mins
Serves: 2 pax

A classic Italian pasta dish loved by many. Succulent prawns and al dente pasta coated with smooth and creamy basil pesto sauce. Simple to cook, yummy to eat. Dinners are no longer boring with our cooking kits, order your kit today and liven up your meal with the variety of restaurant styled recipes we have curated for you!

Creamy Pesto Linguini Instruction Card


From Our Kit

10 x Prawn Pieces (approx. 180g)
1 x Linguini Pasta Pack (170g raw weight)
1 x Pesto Paste Pack
1 x Cooking Cream Pack
1 x Parmesan Cheese Pack
1 x Ground Black Pepper Pack
1 x Unsalted Butter

From Your Kitchen

– Sugar / Salt (Optional seasoning according to your preferred taste)
– Saucepan / Pot
– Chopping Board
– Frying Pan
– Knife

How to cook