Mushrooms & Eggplant Penne Arrabiata (Vegan) (serves 2)


Mushrooms & Eggplant Penne Arrabiata (Vegan) (serves 2)


Prep & Cook Time: 30 mins

Serves: 2 pax

Another vegetarian dish up on our menu. King oyster mushrooms are hailed for their meaty texture and umami flavour, which is a good substitute for meat. Classic Arrabiata sauce which is a tomato-based sauce with garlic and chilli oil which gives that little kick. A meat-free dinner meal can be delicious and yet simple to whip up.


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Mushrooms & Eggplant Penne Arrabiata (Vegan) Instruction Card


From Our Kit

2 x Brinjal Pieces
1 x King Oyster Mushrooms Pack (approx. 100g)
1 x Penne Pasta Pack (190g raw weight)
2 x Crushed Tomatoes Sauce (200g)
2 x Garlic Cloves
1 x Chilli Oil Portion
1 x Vegetable Oil Portion

From Your Kitchen

– Frying Pan with Lid / Saucepan with Lid
– Chopping Board
– Knife
– Salt / Sugar / Pepper

How to Cook