Pasta Fagioli (Vegetarian) (serves 2)


Pasta Fagioli (Vegetarian) (serves 2)


Prep & Cook Time: 30 mins

Serves: 2 pax

Pasta e Fagioli, meaning “pasta and beans”, is a traditional Italian soup. For a bowl of hearty comfort, here’s another vegetarian option, sweet butternut squash with a tangy tomato base and a hint of spiciness.

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Pasta Fagioli (Vegetarian) Instruction Card


From Our Kit

1 x Butternut Squash (approx. 150g)
1 x Carrot
2 x Red Chillies
3 x Garlic Cloves
2 x Shallots
1 x Borlotti or Pinto Canned Beans (approx. 200g)
1 x Canned Plum Tomatoes (approx. 400g)
1 x Instant Fusilli Pasta (150g raw weight)
1 x Crushed Black Pepper Portion
1 x Vegetable Oil Portion

Olive Oil Mix
– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Dried Rosemary
– Olive Oil

From Your Kitchen

– Large Frying Pan / Saucepan with Lid
– Chopping Board
– Knife
– Salt / Sugar / Pepper

How to cook