Curry Ramen (Serves 2)


Curry Ramen (Serves 2)


Prep & Cook Time: 30 mins

Serves: 2 pax

A wonderful fusion of two popular Japanese dishes, Japanese Curry and Ramen! Long strands of ramen are coated in a rich and coconutty curry. It is then topped with the perfect onsen egg and slices of grilled to perfection ham. A delicious ramen fix in under 30 minutes for those lazy nights!

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Curry Ramen Instruction Card


From Our Kit

6 x Ham Slices
1 x Baby Bok Choy Pack (approx. 100g)
2 x Eggs
2 x Garlic Cloves
1 x Spring Onions Pack
1 x Curry Powder Pack
1 x Chicken Stock Pack
1 x Coconut Milk Pack
2 x Ramen Bundles
1 x Unsalted Butter Piece
1 x Vegetable Oil Portion

From Your Kitchen

– Pot / Saucepan
– Chopping Board
– Knife

How To Cook