KIT KAT® Bites Brownies


KIT KAT® Bites Brownies


Preparation & Baking: 40mins
Makes: 10 brownies (using standard muffin tray)

Are you a fudgy or cakey brownie fan? Well, with our baking kit, you can now have your brownie the way you like them. And to top it off, we have added Nestlé Professional’s KIT KAT® Bites into this recipe so you’ll get that extra crunch with every savouring bite.

KIT KAT® Bites Brownies Instruction Card


From Our Kit

Flour Mix Pack:
– Plain Flour
– Salt

Cocoa Pack:
– Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
– Instant Espresso Powder

Sugar Mix Pack:
– Granulated Sugar
– Brown Sugar

Unsalted Butter
Dark Chocolate Couvertures
Vanilla Extract
KIT KAT® Bites

From Your Kitchen

– Convection Oven
– Muffin Pan / Brownie Pan
– Medium-sized Pot
– Bowls
– Spoon
– Spatula
– Flour Sieve
– Pastry Brush