KIT KAT® Chocolate Chips Cookies


KIT KAT® Chocolate Chips Cookies


Preparation & Baking: 60mins
Makes: 24 medium-sized cookies (approx 4-5cm)

This cookie is slightly similar to a Levain style cookie where it is crispy on the outside, soft, and gooey on the inside. Adding dark chocolate couverture and KIT KAT® fingers will give that extra melty and decadent crunch.

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From Our Kit

Flour Mix Pack:
– Plain Flour
– Baking Powder
– Baking Soda
– Salt

Sugar Mix Pack:
– Granulated Sugar
– Brown Sugar

Unsalted Butter
Dark Chocolate Couvertures
Vanilla Extract
KIT KAT® Fingers

Parchment Paper

From Your Kitchen

– Convection Oven
– Small-sized Pot
– Whisk / Spatula
– Bowls
– Spoon
– Flour Sieve
– Round Measuring Tablespoon (optional)