Nonya Curry Chicken with Roti Jala (serves 2)


Nonya Curry Chicken with Roti Jala (serves 2)


Prep & Cook Time: 30 mins
Serves: 2 pax

Nyonya Curry Chicken is a perfect fusion between various Chinese ingredients and herbs together with cooking techniques from the Malay community. Tender chicken and potato pieces soaked in creamy and fragrant curry. Also, learn how to make your own roti jala –  a net looking pancake (famous Malaysian snack) that is usually eaten with curry chicken. Have fun piping out your own roti jala and dip it into the delectable curry.

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Nonya Curry Chicken with Roti Jala Instruction Card


From Our Kit

2 x Chicken Legs (approx. 500g)
1 x Potato
1 x Coconut Milk (For Curry) Pack
1 x Coconut Milk (For Roti Jala Mix) Pack
4 x Curry Leaves
1 x Star Anise
1 x Cinnamon Stick
1 x Clove
1 x Homemade Nonya Curry Paste Pack
1 x Egg
1 x Vegetable Oil Portion
1 x Piping Bag

Roti Jala Flour Mix
– Plain Flour
– Turmeric Powder
– Salt

From Your Kitchen

– Pot / Saucepan with Lid
– Non-Stick Frying Pan / Wok
– Spatula
– Salt
– Knife
– Scissors

How To Cook