Rice Cooker Jambalaya (Serves 2)


Rice Cooker Jambalaya (Serves 2)


Prep & Cook Time: 30 mins
Serves: 2 pax

Jambalaya is a Creole rice dish of West African, French, and Spanish influence, consisting mainly of meat and vegetables mixed with rice. We have curated this for your convenience using just the rice cooker, from frying the aromatics to cooking the entire dish. A fuss-free meal you can whip up on a tiring day.

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Rice Cooker Jambalaya Instruction Card


From Our Kit

1pc x Boneless Chicken Thigh
4pcs x Prawns
50g x Squids
1pc x Tomato
1pc x Carrot
1pc x Green Capsicum
1pc x Yellow Onion
2pcs x Garlic
1 tsp x Cumin Powder
2 tsp x Vegetable Oil
120g x Jasmine Rice

Combined Marinade:
– Turmeric Powder
– Salt
– Sugar

Combined Seasoning:
– Chicken Stock
– Tomato Paste
– Chilli Powder

From Your Kitchen

– Rice Cooker
– Chopping Board
– Knife
– Salt / Sugar / Pepper

How To Cook